Wormwood Foot Pads (Pack of 10)

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Natural Foot Pads - Key Benefits and Usage:

Key Benefits:

Helps drive away moisture and cold.
Promotes blood circulation for improved overall health.
Serves as a foot cleaning pad for enhanced hygiene.
Provides warmth to the feet, contributing to better sleep quality.
Aids in making the body healthier and promoting relaxation.
Natural Ingredients:

Formulated with natural extracts, including wormwood, ointment brush, cistanche, shasurtium, chain ferns, wild celery, safflower, grasshopper, corydalis, borneol, and more.
Suitable for both men and women of all ages.
Easy to Use:

Simple 3-step process:
Clean the soles of the feet or the desired skin surface.
Open the sealed foot pad pocket and stick the pad to the tape.
Apply the pad to the soles of the feet or other body parts.
Recommended usage: 6-8 hours for optimal results.
Quality and Safety:

Crafted with the highest quality raw materials.
Manufactured by professionals to ensure safety and effectiveness.
Wormwood Foot Pads (Pack of 10)
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