Vanity Mirror Lights

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About This Item
Features of the LED Mirror Lights:

✨ Energy-Saving and Durable:

Professional LED lights for energy-saving and extended use.
Brightness adjusted through professional tests to ensure longevity and prevent eye strain during prolonged use.
💡 Hidden Extra Wire and 3M Double-Sided Tape:

Retractable wire design allows the extra wire to be hidden into the bulb's base.
Rotate the lampshade for a neat and seamless DIY effect.
High-quality 3M double-sided tape for secure and long-lasting attachment.
Transparent tapes leave no marks on the mirror when removing the lights.
💄 Evenly Fill Light for Delicate Makeup:

Hollywood style LED vanity mirror lights with 10 bulbs.
Customizable combination of bulbs for even light distribution from multiple angles.
Eliminates dark corners and shadows, ensuring clear and detailed makeup application.
Ideal for avoiding the frustration of inadequate makeup caused by insufficient light.
Vanity Mirror Lights
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