Electric Head Lice Comb

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About This Item
Natural Lice Comb for Effective Treatment:

Simple and easy-to-use comb designed for removing lice, offering a reusable and hypoallergenic treatment for both children and adults.
Gentle and Easy to Use:

Delicate yet effective, this natural lice comb is safe for family use at home, eliminating lice and their eggs without the need for harmful chemicals or special shampoos.
Differences from Other Lice Removal Systems:

The device sets itself apart from chemical shampoos and electric zapping combs, which can be aggressive on the skin and scalp, especially for young children.
Chemical-Free and Environmentally Friendly:

Unlike many prescribed and over-the-counter lice removal products, this device is chemical-free, pesticide-free, and considered the most effective, environmentally friendly, and natural lice removal treatment available.
Delicate Lice Removal for the Scalp:

Utilizes suction power to gently lift lice and their eggs from the scalp and hair. The rounded teeth of the lice comb smoothly slide over the head.
Filter to Catch Lice:

While combing the hair, the filters safely catch lice, facilitating easy inspection and reducing the possibility of reinfestation.
How the Device Works:

The comb has been proven to eliminate lice naturally, although it may not target eggs.
Electric Head Lice Comb
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