X8 Ultra Max Watch
X8 Ultra Max Watch
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Hair Bakhoor
Hair Bakhoor
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Bluetooth Cap

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About This Item 
🎩 Light Up Animated LED Display Hat:

Bluetooth Smartphone Control for customizable LED animations and messages.
Bright Multi-Color programmable LED lights for eye-catching displays.
📱 Bluetooth Smartphone Controlled:

Use your smartphone to control LED animations and light up messages.
Easy customization for a personalized and dynamic hat experience.
🔄 Rechargeable:

Comes with a USB cable for convenient and easy charging.
Rechargeable battery ensures long-lasting use for multiple occasions.
💬 Create Custom LED Animations and Messages:

Express yourself with unique LED animations and messages on your hat.
Stand out in the crowd with a hat that reflects your style and creativity.
🌈 Multi-Color LED Lights:

Vibrant and colorful LED lights for a visually stunning display.
Multiple color options to suit your mood or match your outfit.
📲 QR Code App Download:

Scan the included QR code with your smartphone to download the app.
Streamlined process for quick and easy setup.
🔋 Convenient and Portable:

Rechargeable design ensures you can take your illuminated hat anywhere.
Stand out at events, parties, or concerts with this attention-grabbing accessory.

Bluetooth Cap
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