Face Lifting Massager

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【1】 Ultrasonic high-frequency vibration and EMS release intermittent pulse current, activate collagen activity, compact skin, effectively smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce pigmentation.

【2】It can be used in neck, face, forehead and other body parts to meet your needs.

【3】The neck beauty instrument is equipped with ion electroosmosis technology, which can promote the skin to better absorb nutrients when used with skin care products.

【4】Restore skin elasticity and remove fine lines on the neck

Diminishes wrinkles and thwarts sagging under the chin!
Bid farewell to costly skincare items and treatments! This gadget offers 3 modes to address diverse skin concerns, including minimizing pores and eliminating blackheads. All effortlessly done within the confines of your own home!
Discover the Ultimate Skin Solution: V-Face Lifting Massager!

Unleash the Power of 7 Modes:
Blue Light (415 nm): Reduce inflammation, control sebum, treat acne.
Green Light (525 nm): Smooth wrinkles, improve texture, reduce redness.
Purple Light (390 nm): Drain lymph, reduce puffiness, detoxify 
Yellow Light (590 nm): Diminish melanin, even skin tone. 
Cyan Light (490-520 nm): Soothe and tone skin, enhance circulation.
White Light: Heal, regenerate, ensure skin wellness.
Tighten Your Skin in 4 Simple Steps!
Achieve radiant skin in just 5-10 minutes daily. Select the light mode matching your skin needs.
Experience the V-Face magic today!
Face Lifting Massager
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